Mereka yang Kiut Miut :)

12 May 2011


and now, i felt alone again

and this is the time

when i make the biggest mistake in life

which im not proud at all

i hurt myself, i hurt my own feeling

and i blame my heart for being this hurt

i even want to be a bad person

im sorry

my heart doesnt deserve my bad side

but, it's the only thing i've

for keeping me real in this world

but i just dont get it

why should i suffer this alone?

why should me that getting hurts all the time

why not the other one

is it my sincerely intention going wrong?

yes. i do miss the old time

i miss them until i broken into tears

i cried alone

even the love is wrong or a lie

i miss them

i miss them so much

my heart is crying for happiness

my heart deserve to be happy

i lock it

i lock it so no one can ever take it from me

no one can hurt it just the way he did

there's only one reason

why i can't bring myself to hate him

its because i love him more than i should

Cik Niessa rindu giler! :)

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