Mereka yang Kiut Miut :)

09 May 2011

First Love

its you.

the one who let me enter this world

the one who carried me everywhere for 9 months. hardly

the one who sang the lullaby for me

the one who love me more than self

the one who keep my heart in peace

the one who take care my heart more than anyone

the one who always smile for my jokes

the one who i miss so much

the one who i always want to hug

the one who i always want to be with

i miss u

i love u

Happy Mother's Day


this is only thing i can do for u

if only, i can brave myself to hug you

even for a second without me crying and overflowed with your warm hug

every single second

i wish i can hug you
and tell you everything i wish i had told u before

but, even i dont tell u this

everytime i see ur face


i LOVE u

and for me, this word describe everything about you

entry agak2 lambat dsebabkan ketiadaan kmudahan. SORY umie :)

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