Mereka yang Kiut Miut :)

25 April 2012


i miss you
i remember back the day when i was a little girl playing in the castle
the castle, your big wood house
a place i played day and night every time i went there
Kampung Buloh, still fresh in memories
i used to like to go there

My late grandmother who we called Mokwe.
She's a fierce one, but kind in the hearts
loves everyone. 
she's gone now. almost 2 years.
today, i miss you again and tears start to fall down 

rambutan, duku, chicken, veggies
peeking at the gap on the floor looking down at the chicken
climbing the trees, afraid if snakes come out of nowhere
congkak outside the house with cousins
sayur air keladi, ikan masak singgang, pulut
at night, sleep with you
so much things i can't remember

God, it seems i forgot all of this things
i forgot how i used to be happy
i forgot my childhood there
i forgot how innocence i used to be

now all of those things, i miss all
i miss how happy i am used to be

and now, i don't even know what i'm gonna say to you
because me is now not the little girl i used to be
i'm deadly ashamed of what i did now. i'm sorry

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