Mereka yang Kiut Miut :)

11 December 2011


we don't know the answer
we don't know what to do
and for me the best medicine to our relationship
is Time.
i know, it is hard to let out the answer
bcoz some just gonna make one hurts
it is fine if you tell me nothing
i will just accepted it
every in and out of you
i accepted it with all my heart
because you see,
i love you so much.

if this silence is what you want.
then i fulfill your wish
because that is all i can do for you here
i know we won't see each other much
but i hope one thing is for sure
i hope you love me as much you love me
when we first been together.

one fine day. when we meet again
trust me. im gonna be a fine great woman
for you. and make you fall in love again. like more.
and i will make you smile :)
i know breakup is not the way,
but tell me someday if that is what you want
i will let you go. for your own good.

but for the time being, i will wait for you.
i will wait for the man that i promise to marry myself to.
a GOOD MAN. thats you.

thats it. I LOVE YOU.

p/s : hey take a good care of my bear tau ! or i'll kill yours. HAHA. kidding darling.

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