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05 November 2011

Way Back Home

here it goes. that fine wednesday got a call from my brother. asking to pack things and come back home.

my sister call again, said she's coming to get me. i told her im gonna take an exam tomorrow.

so she came to the hostel and pick me up. we went to the college, settling the exam, im trying to postpone it.

damn im mad. the thing is , lunch hour suppose to be end at 2 0clock right ? there we sit there waiting for the officer about an hour, they not coming in .

where the hell they go at time like this, tired of waiting, my sister went to the front desk and asking something. settling something. i had to get a permission from the dean. which is he-think-we-dont-know-that-we-had-to-give-evidence.

damn, what the hell is going on with the college's system ?

ok whatever. done those exam stuff we head back. ok this is funny. suppose from kl to kemaman will about 4-5 hours, wow my sister like a pro, she takes 2 and 30 minutes to get there. how the hell did she drive so fast ?

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