Mereka yang Kiut Miut :)

05 November 2011


just ready to get a bath, a step out from the room, heard Kak Ayu said ' ayah takde doh'
that 'ayah' its my atuk- tokki

tokki went back to rahmatullah. Al Fatihah.
he gone on friday 4/11/2011
if God love him, than let him go.
let just pray for him

me family and everyone rushing to the hospital
me got there. the nurse close the bed with the curtain.
they already wipe him, wrap him

then, watching all those stuff when a close one to you die
no its not amusing. every time i think it im crying, so do now
by the time i kiss his forehead, man why do i crying so much
im trying hard not to show my tears to everyone. but still

i look at him, not moving, cold
but one thing for sure, he is smiling
yes he smile.

everything that day, Alhamdulillah. went well
arwah tokki was save buried. May God bless him. Amin


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