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03 November 2011

A troll

hello yeah. im home.
WOHOOO but with a bad news. Datuk sakit
Wishing and pray that he will get well :(
he is the only grandfather to me right now

so, i went home not telling anybody even my friends.
IM SORRY GUYS im rushing andd you guys sleepingg.
HAHA sleepyhead. just like anje. ANJE ? eiuu.
eh ? apehal ? suka hati la na pnggil ape pon.

Oh, talking about him.
i found a picture.
a BEAUTIFUL picture of him
HOHO. anje, dont get mad at me when you found this
omaigod. he is soo handsome. aww aww

nah. take a look

oh. what a lovely face you got there my sweetheart :)

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