Mereka yang Kiut Miut :)

25 October 2011

The end ?

5 months ?
OHMYGOD. is it really 5 months?
damn, time flew fast.
the memories, yet colouring my days. now and after.
i wish to look back one some day with the same person.
we walk, laugh, mad together.
dont leave, please.

exam. WOW. exam come ahead.
damn, i hate it.
study, i hate it.
books, i hate it.
but they love me.
they call me everyday, night
they show themselves to me.
sorry for dissapoint u guys. i love u all too. ketat2.
HAHA. bongok. suka sorang

my dear friends,
wish u all a well good luck.
lets meet again one day.
with wife/husband.
with daughter, son, grandaughter, grandson.
HOHO. i want to get marry.

yes. no motive at all.
oh, what the hell. i love u guys :)


♥Lady Ainaa♥ said...

hahaha..sokong post awk!!!! XD I hate book also, and i hate exam also..anyway, hate2 pun ktew xleh nk elak do de best yew ^.^V

''NieSsa'' said...

kan kan ? owh, nk buat mcm mne, bku syg kat kite sgt. exam pnya psal :) tq 4 support